Services, Visitor Information

Local Radio Stations

KTYN – Thayne 91.9 FM
Talk Radio 105.7 FM
KRSV – 98.7 FM

Thayne Town Hall

115 Petersen Parkway,
Thayne, WY, 83127
Phone: (307) 883-2668
Fax: (307) 883-2680

Thayne Senior Citizens Center

115 Peterson Parkway, Thayne, WY
Phone: (307) 883-2678

Animal Control

General Overview of Animal Ordinances

  • All dogs, cats, and ferrets residing within the city limits must be licensed.
  • Animals may not be allowed to run at large off the owner’s property.
  • Dogs must be leashed when off their owner’s property.
  • Droppings left by pets on public or private property must be removed.

Snow Removal

Snow and ice control consists of applying a melting agent (salt & sand mixture) to the streets during and after a snowstorm. If the snow depth exceeds 2 inches or if drifting occurs, the arterial and collector streets will be plowed. Plowing occurs between the hours of 3:00 a.m. & 10:00 a.m. Please keep your vehicles off public streets during these hours. Citations may be issued.

The Benefits deicing agents: In all, the Public Works Department will use about 4 tons of the sand and salt mixture each winter. This mixture helps to keep the public safe by improving driving conditions.

Additional Information: Under some conditions, ice may form in the gutters where trees and buildings provide shade. Ice buildup is removed when it begins to interfere with traffic and drainage.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office 

421 Jefferson Street, Suite 301
Afton, WY 83110
Phone: (307)885-5231

Phone: 911

Mid Valley Fire Department 

Fire Chief Toby Merritt
Phone: 911

Thayne Ambulance Service (E.M.T.’s) 

Captain Delsa Bird
Phone: 911

Water & Sewer:

Municipal Sewage: Municipal Sewer System with stationary lagoon.
Contact the Town of Thayne at 307-883-2668 for both water & sewage.

Telephone and ISP:

Silver Star Communications
Thayne Office (For customer service call 883-2411)

Thayne Branch of Lincoln County Library

Thayne Community Center
VanNoy Parkway
Thayne, Wy 83127
Phone: (307) 883-7323

US Post Office:

390 N Main St, Thayne, WY
Phone: (307) 883-2477 ‎

Fedex Authorized Ship Center (FASC)
Paperworks Plus, 494 North Main, Thayne, WY 307-883-0500
Thayne True Value, 112 Petersen Parkway, Thayne, WY 307-883-2464

Star Valley Utilities:

Lower Valley Energy
250 N. Washington
Afton, WY.
Call 307-885-3175 for hook-up info.


Star Valley Health
-STAR VALLEY HEALTH in Afton, 17 miles south of Thayne, is the closest hospital.
110 Hospital Lane, Afton, WY

Star Valley Care Center

Phone: 307-886-5900
Home Health: 307-885-5830
Physical Therapy: 307-885-5825

Legacy Homes

An assisted living facility
Just north of Thayne on Muddy String Road.

Lincoln County Mental Health, 

100 Hospital Lane
Afton, WY 83110
Phone: 307-885-9883


Sheriff’s Department (Lincoln County)
Phone: 911 for emergency or (307) 885-3141

Additional Services & Facilities:


Bank Of Star Valley
113 Peterson Parkway,
Thayne, WY, 83127
Phone: (307) 883-0000

Wells Fargo Bank
116 S. Main Street
Thayne, WY, 83127
Phone: (307) 883-3464


Grocery Store:

Valley Market
118 Petersen Parkway
Thayne, WY, 83127
Phone: (307) 883-3399 


Airport Access:
Afton & Alpine have municipal airports suitable for small private planes with 4,680 and 5,000-foot asphalt runways respectively. No fixed base operator at either; the Afton airport has VASI, runway, and beacon lights. Commercial airports within 4 hours of Thayne are in Jackson Hole, 55 miles north, one hour drive time and Idaho Falls, ID, 100 miles north west, one hr. 45 min. drive time and Salt Lake City, UT, 150 miles south, 3.5 hour drive time.

US Highway 89 is the main thoroughfare through Star Valley. US Highway 26, running east-west, joins US Highway 89 at Alpine Junction, 19 miles north of Thayne. The Snake River Canyon Highway Bridge at Hoback under construction and should be completed in 2013. Nearest interstate, I-15, is 90 miles west. I-80 is 138 miles to the south.

Bus Services (etc):
Local for senior citizens and handicapped provided by the Thayne Senior Center and Legacy Homes Assisted living Center. Greyhound Bus Lines in Idaho Falls & Pocatello, each about 95 miles from Thayne. Nearest Amtrak service is in Salt Lake City.

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