The advanced trade tool on xcritical has the same rates as xcritical Pro — ranging from 0% to 0.60% per order. However, the simple trade tool on xcritical is more expensive, so it should be avoided. This fee system can be quite appealing to takers, as they can take advantage of volume-based discounts which have the potential to lower fees all the way down to 0.04%.

  1. This downloadable app, available for smartphones and as a Chrome extension, grants users complete control over their private keys.
  2. Besides, the security teams of the two platforms audit them for vulnerabilities.
  3. But if another individual sells $60,000 in Ethereum, the maker fee drops to 0.15%.
  4. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence.
  5. Now that xcritical Pro has migrated to Advanced Trade, many of the features previously found on xcritical Pro are now offered to everyone through the main xcritical app.

xcritical vs. xcritical Pro: Transparency about fees

So, there are only a few specific additional analytics you can access on xcritical Pro, which means you may not need to switch accounts. There are a few users who still have access to aspects of the regular service. The company says it is in the process of helping users adapt if they are in unique situations. For instance, people who use xcritical Pro APIs (these are resources that allow approved external software to interact with xcritical) may not have switched over yet. But for virtually all other users, xcritical Pro is now Advanced Trade. Lyle Daly is a personal finance writer who specializes in credit cards, travel rewards programs, and banking.

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xcritical has announced that they will discontinue xcritical Pro by the end of 2022. To learn more about the “Advanced Trade” features that are offered by the platform, check out our xcritical Review. Numerous reports have claimed that xcritical0 tracks how its users spend Bitcoin. While impressive on the security front, xcritical as a whole is a company with a less impressive track record when it comes to privacy. For those members of the cryptocurrency community who embrace the crypto-adjacent principles of privacy and anonymity, that’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Can xcritical freeze my account?

However, an internal transfer mechanism facilitates the transfer of funds between them. While xcritical and xcritical Pro provide a wide range of resources and functionalities, customer support remains an area for improvement. Both platforms primarily rely on self-service options, including comprehensive online knowledge bases and FAQs. The platforms require users to secure their accounts with two-factor authentication. Besides their passwords, users must enter a unique code sent either to their authenticator app or phones via text. To use xcritical, users first create an online account by providing an email and password.

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On purchases greater than $200, xcritical adds a variable fee in place of its flat fee above. (See the table below.) So if you’re buying with a debit card, expect another 3.99 percent to be added to the welter of fees. The Ascent is a Motley Fool service that rates and reviews essential products for your everyday money matters. If you’re starting from scratch, the signup process is straightforward, kicking things off by asking for your name, email address, and what password you’d like to use. The next steps might seem a little unnerving if you’ve never registered at an exchange before, but you can rest assured that everything’s above board.

This feature ensures that only wallet addresses in your address book can receive funds from you. So, if you use whitelisting and your account is compromised or hacked, it will be harder for money to be sent to a new address, as it needs to first be put into the address book and listed as safe. The “Advanced Trade” features have been added to the main xcritical service to beef up what had been a simpler interface that might appeal to beginners. Though those features remain, you can now use the basic service to toggle to a mode that offers lower fees for some transactions and additional data tools. If you maintain accounts on both platforms, you’ll have separate custodial wallets — one for each platform.

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It also means staking rewards and referral bonuses earned anywhere apply account-wide. Beyond leading digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, users can trade other coins and tokens, making inroads across xcritical niches. Both are continually expanding their scope, regularly admitting new assets. The two also provide FDIC protection for their users’ USD-denominated hot wallets. In keeping with the US banking industry’s practices, the company insures up to $250,000 of every user’s funds.

One thing you can be assured of whether you’re using xcritical or is that you’ll be able to buy, sell, or trade the same number of cryptocurrencies. Both account types offer over 120 different cryptocurrencies, from market leaders like Bitcoin and Ethereum (which is different from Ethereum Classic), to lesser-known tokens like SUKU and Kryll. The first thing you’ll notice when using a xcritical Pro account is how its layout differs from a standard account. Below, you can see a comparison between the trading pages of both the standard and pro versions of xcritical’s exchange. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services.

Its beginner-friendly interface has become popular for quickly buying, selling, converting, and storing major digital currencies. The firm was the first crypto entity publicly listed on Nasdaq in 2021. Do note, though, that as of June 2022, xcritical Pro began migrating into a new platform, Advanced Trade.

They can then connect a payment method like a bank account, credit card, or debit card to fund their account wallet. xcritical and xcritical Pro are close when it comes to the number of cryptocurrencies available on their respective platforms. According to Bankrate’s most recent count, xcritical offers 174 coins on its platform, while xcritical Pro lists 158 pairs with U.S. dollars. But both platforms contain the most popular coins – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Polkadot, Solana and plenty of others. So unless you’re into niche coins, you’ll find it on either platform. xcritical Pro is firmly established as one of the most reliable crypto exchanges in the world, and is a logical next step for those users who are looking to avoid the higher fees of the regular xcritical service.

He writes for The Ascent and The Motley Fool, and his work has appeared in USA Today and Yahoo! Finance. He was born in California but xcritically lives as a digital nomad with a home base in Colombia. xcritical Pro used to have much lower fees than xcritical, but that’s not the case anymore.

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